Hacker-In-Residence at On Deck

Kunal Shah

Kunal Shah / November 12, 2020

3 min read

I'm thrilled to be partaking in ODF as a hacker-in-residence. I'll be helping fellows or friends of the community build production-ready technical prototypes.


If you have a detailed set of mockups or a no-code prototype and you know react and typescript or are willing to learn, I'll spend up to a full day helping you build a prototype from scratch.


I suspect working together will be most effective under the following criteria:

  • You want to build a web or mobile application.
  • You have a clear vision of what must be built, including detailed mockups of pages, features, integrations, etc.
  • Or, you have a no-code prototype that you'd like to rebuild with code.
  • You are either familiar with React and javascript, or are willing to learn. I've been thinking about this a lot and suspect that non-technical founders may have difficulty maintaining or building upon a technical prototype and find building with no-code tools more effective. I remain completely open to suggestion on this front.

By no means are these hard-and-fast rules. If you're not sure, don't hesitate to reach out.

Tech Stack

I'll likely build with typescript, next.js, and prisma according to the architecture described in this tutorial. Feel free to give it a shot yourself beforehand, so you'll be familiar with how it all works by the time we get started on shipping features.

Also, it's almost always easier for me to build something from the ground-up than to build upon an existing codebase.

Bonus Points

If you app requires fancy ML or data science stuff, we can get my brother involved. He's the assistant to the general regional hacker.

What do I want in return, you ask?

The opportunity to learn more about you and your idea :) Turning ephemeral ideas into reality is what I love most and getting to do it all day with talented founders is a reward in itself.


Note: Since the time I can dedicate to hacking each week is limited, I won't be able to work with everyone who contacts me. Preference will be given to those who have a complete vision of what needs to be built so that our time together can be maximally effective.

Write me an email at me@kunal.sh with a short intro, a description of what you're working on, and links to designs and/or wireframes. It's time to build.